Why Travel Jigsaw?

Why Travel Jigsaw?

Why have I called my blog Travel Jigsaw Review? Good question, the answer is simple, I had a terrible experience renting a car through Travel Jigsaw who own and operate carhire3000 a company which acts as a middle man in the supply of cars for hire around the world.

I had a really bad time with their chosen partner in Frankfurt, Thrifty Car Hire, the car was dirty, I am not the only one to get a dirty car through them apparently, and they claim some minor damage was done to the underneath of a bumper, which was dirty when delivered and they cleaned this dirt off when the car went back! I think it was a set-up but now its at the point I dont care. It wasn’t a problem I had full refund guarantee from CarHire3000 which should have been the end of the matter.

It was when Thrifty Car Hire helped themselves to £940 from my bank account without my authority and then told me to contact carhire3000 that my problems really began. Its a nightmare really as your bank wont get involved as they say they have to wait 28 days before you can process a refund request through them. Carhire3000 also have a 28 day wait policy before they will pay you any money that has been taken by Thrifty Car Hire. They claim this is in their terms and conditions but its so far buried that I didn’t read that. Either way you are out of pocket nearly £1,000 for a month and Travel Jigsaw really dont give a toss. No I mean they just dont care, in fact their attitude is terrible. Their complaints department must generate more complaints than it solves. I would avoid Car Hire 3000 at ALL COSTS it could end up costing you a lot of money and headache, after all there are plenty of car hire companies out there why go with a dodgy one?

So why Travel Jigsaw Review? well hopefully if I save one person from using them then this website will have been worth it.

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  1. Freda says:

    My husband and teenage son hired a car via Traveljigsaw/carhire3000/Europcar via the website for a trip in Dublin. When they arrived at Dublin Airport they were told there was no car available in the class that they had specified so they would be uphrased no charge. There is no way that my husband would upgrade on a whim! When the CC statement came we had been charged. I thought this a simple case and emailed Traveljigsaw/carhire3000/Europcar etc. I was told in no uncertain terms that a car had been available in said class and my husband had requested an upgrade so no refund. My husband and son are both absolutely adamant about what they were told. I know my husbands character and know he would never upgrade without good reason and does not lie. Europcar (etc) will not concede but I know that my son/husband were misled and fell for a scam. We will never use this company again.

    • gorilladaze says:

      I have seen complaints like this from loads of people, you could always try disputing the transaction with your credit card company on the grounds you did not authorise this transaction. If you are in the UK this is an easy thing to do, hope that helps.

  2. Colin O'Reilly says:

    I too have had a bad experience with Carhire 3000 and agree with all the comments above re their customer service. They left me stranded in Spain for over two hours with no car reserved for me despite my paperwork clearly stating it was reserved and paid. I was travelling with 2 babies, a grandma and my wife. By the time we got a car … which was smaller than we had ordered and totally unsuitable,(we had no choice) it was 22:30 and we missed our 1st nights accomodation and had to stay locally, which cost me over 200 Euros. In order to sort the reservation out I had to use me own mobile as the woman on the desk was very unwilling and unhelpful. This happened on May 14th. Despite my best efforts, I am still awaiting an explanation, an apology and some sort of refund to cover my phone and hotel costs. They say the will resolve any issues within 28 days. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS – AWFUL!! 26 th June 2011

  3. Barbara says:

    My husband has had a very similar problem. He arranged a week’s car hire online and was telephoned a day later by Travel Jigsaw to ask if he wanted to take out additional insurance which he did. On collecting the car from Hertz in France he was told that the car only had the minimum insurance and was again asked if wanted to take out additional cover. He explained that he had already taken additional cover and this was shown on the rental voucher that was e-mailed to him. Again the person on the desk said that they had no record of this and the car had only the minimum cover, so he agreed to take out their additional cover. On returning the car he again mentioned that he had already taken out additional cover through Travel Jigsaw and wanted to be assured that he wouldn’t be charged for the same cover twice. The member of staff assured him that this wouldn’t happen. 6 days after returning the car, Hertz France have taken £75.81 from our bank account, and Travel Jigsaw have also taken the premium from our credit card. We don’t actually know what the £75.81 is for, as no final invoice was produced when the car was handed back, despite the slip of paper that he was originally given stating that it is an estimate of charges and that a final invoice will be produced at the end of the rental. He complied with all of the conditions and returned it with a full tank of petrol.
    We are in the process of trying to get the money back from Hertz as they did not have authorisation to take £75.81. My husband unfortunately used his debit card to give the security deposit, so they had the card details from this.
    Travel Jigsaw have denied any liability and have said that because my husband signed the rental agreement, he has accepted Hertz own insurance policy as well as theirs despite it providing the same cover.
    We will never use this company again, and wouldn’t recommend anybody else use them.

  4. Rebecca says:

    My husband and I also stress to anyone thinking of using Car Hire 3000 to avoid it at all costs. We recently returned from out holiday in Austria having rented a car through Car Hire 3000 (and consequently Buchbinder Austria Ltd) for 2 weeks. We had taken out CH3000′s damage excess waiver as well, after they approached us after we made our booking. There was nothing wrong with the vehicle that we knew about when we picked it up in Salzburg but towards the end of the trip we were very unlucky to have a pinemarten chew through the fuel pipe on the top of the motor, just under the bonnet. Consequently we had a very severe and dangerous Benzin leak and could not drive anywhere. We were about 4 hours from Salzburg at the time. We infomed Buchbinder who told us to take it to the local garage and they then gave their authorisation for some temporary repairs to be made to get us back to Salzburg. They refused to supply us with the new vehicle. We were told on the phone that the damage was ‘our fault’ and we would have to pay for the temporary repair and the full repair totalling over £400. We of course refused because the damage was of course not our fault so we rang Car Hire 3000 who gave us assurances that we would be covered under our damage excess waiver and to just pay for the damage through Buchbinder and Car Hire 3000 would reimburse us once we supplied all the paper work to them. Upon our return to the UK we submitted our claim and Car Hire 3000 are now refusing to reimburse us for those costs under the damage excess waiver. They claim that damage to the ‘undercarriage’ of the vehicle is not covered – however our photographic evidence shows the temporary repair being made to the top of the motor, no where near the undercarriage of the vehicle. Car Hire 3000 refuse to define undercarriage and now they have written saying they won’t cover anything to do with ‘the internal body work of the car’ – this is not what their terms and conditions say. We intend to continue to fight Car Hire 3000 because we hold them fully responsible for us being ‘duped’ into paying for damage that was not our fault from the beginning and they have seriously misled us over what is covered in their damage excess waiver. Their responses to our claims and arguments thus far have been ridiculous and illogical. We are also seeking our money to be returned through the credit card company and if that doesn’t work we will not hesitate to get the Financial Ombudsment involved. I encourage any reader out there to NOT USE CAR HIRE 3000 as they are as dodgy as the companies they are brokers for!!

  5. Kathleen says:

    I rented a car through Traveljigsaw as part of a six week trip my husband and I planned to Europe. The trip is now over and we had a wonderful time every car hire, flight and train went as planned with the exception of those arrangements we made through Traveljigsaw.
    I arranged with them for a car rental in Bristol, their chosen supplier was Hertz. A reputable car rental company. Paid cash in advance to Traveljigsaw (first big mistake) then realized further into my planning that my train arrived at 4pm and car rental closed at 1pm. Traveljigsaw refused to deal with the issue and told me to contact Hertz. None answered at the Hertz office and after many calls I finally got through to live body who informed me that they don’t accommodate late arrivals and I would have to go to the airport to pick up a car if I arrive after 1pm. He couldn’t make the adjustment to the booking on his computer because the reservation was was made through an agent (Traveljigsaw).
    Back to Traveljigsaw to ask them to rebook my pick up from the airport. “No can do” you have to cancel the first booking with a penalty of 30 pounds then make another booking. …..I want my money back as I feel that there is no service being provided here only barriers and each barrier costs you 30 pounds to jump over. They agree to refund but minus the 30 pounds. Now this is were the fun starts. It takes them a whole lot of e-mails and excuses before they finally refund the money minus my thirty pounds. By this time the exchange rate has changed and I’m out of pocket a few more dollars. I make another booking only this time I go directly through Hertz at the airport. My booking runs smoothly with Hertz and there was no need for money up front or deposits.
    I’m still not satisfied with being ripped of for GBP 30 determined to follow this issue through to the bitter end I registered a complaint through Traveljigsaw .
    After lots of e-mails your get the feeling they are dragging it out to try and wear you down so you’ll give up. They keep passing the buck asking for more information, switching agents and representatives. This goes on for 2months. By now the trip is over we are home but I’m determined not to give up because this has been the only problem we experienced during the whole trip.
    Finally a few days after our return home I get a message from their customer service which gives me a full page letter of wonderful customer service babble and philosophizing. Long and the short of it. We will refund you the money. Finally!.
    My credit card statement arrives. They were supposed to have provided a credit, instead they have charged another 30 GBP’s to my account.
    Here we go again contact the agent…out of office reply on vacation till August 1st.
    Now I’m back on the treadmill again and I wont be giving up as I’m now after 60 GBP’s
    Don’t waste your time with third party agents such as these go direct to the service provider. You have more flexibility to change your reservations with out penalty, you get better service and they have a reputation to uphold. Traveljigsaw is a middle man, trying to skim money from you while posing to be service provider. They talk the talk but they certainly don’t walk the walk.

  6. mayor says:

    fake charges … do not use…very upset !

    I missed my plane and was delayed by 11hours. I was told by carhire300 that i would need a NEW booking for which they charged me £20 … the £20 was NOT for a booking fee, BUT they said the RATE had changed. … the problem i had was that the car hire company said that they would HOLD my original booking for up-to 24 hours at NO EXTRA COST !!… yet Carhire300 said that this was NOT POSSIBLE… LIES …i have gone back and forwards with trying to resolve this but they have not budged and they have refused to engage in a 3 way call to the car hire company.

    SIMPLY DO NOT USE… you get what you pay for.

  7. Jonathan Crook says:

    I only wish that I knew about this website before I used carhire 3000. I urge everyone to stay away as they have absolutely no regard for the customer what so ever.

  8. Reinhold Dießl says:

    Ich hatte ein Auto am Flughafen Wien gemietet und im Voraus bezahlt. Das Auto wurde von mir vollgetankt und unbeschädigt zurückgegeben. Eine Verkehrsübertretung ist ebenfalls ausgeschlossen. Trotzdem bekam ich jetzt eine Nachbelastung von 138,00 € abgebucht. Auf bereits 3 e-mails bisher keine Antwort. Diesen Ganoven kann man wohl nur mit einem Anwalt zu Leibe rücken.

  9. mary vine-morris says:

    I also really wish I had spotted this website! I am most annoyed because I foolishly gave carhire 3000 a good review on my return from holiday. Of course you never really know how good a company is until something goes wrong! I had arranged to return my car to a different airport from pick-up. There was no one at the desk on my return so on advice I left the keys in the drop off box. A month later my credit card bill showed a £350 unexplained debit – after waiting a further month Carhire 3000 explained that I’d kept the car for an additional 5 days and used an additional 37 litres of fuel! The fact that I was back in the UK at work was a minor detail! Of course you live and learn – everyone should be advised to take photos of the fuel gauge, phone (recorded) to confirm time you are returning car etc etc. Meanwhile – avoid this company!

  10. Amanda says:

    I am STILL trying to resolve a dispute with Travel Jigsaw/Car Hire 3000 regarding£600 that they have charged me for an accident to the hired vehicle which was not my fault (and should therefore have be covered in the damage excess waiver).

    I’m getting exasperated by the amount of times that I have emailed, been passed around to numerous people over the phone and still am being ignored.

    Does anyone have the contact details of a senior person within travel jigsaw/car hire 3000 that I can get in contact with? I am not going to rest until I get this matter sorted. I don’t care how long it takes, I will be a thorn in their side that will not go away.

  11. John Stapleton says:

    Travel Jigsaw is owned by Priceline.

    The guy who started the company is named Greg Wills.

  12. karen says:

    We booked Thrifty Dublin airport.

    The car we booked wasn’t available and we were offered a lower spec car. We requested a partial refund but they refused. So we had to wait an hour for our car to be available.

    During the online booking process we paid the insurance excess which i assumed meant that any additional amounts relating to insurance wouldn’t be necessary. The request for a security deposit at the airport was completely unexpected. It wasn’t clear in the booking process that we would have to pay this. The attitude of the Thrifty desk was that they were used to complaints and they dialled the Manchester number of TravelJigsaw so i could complain to them direct. There was another customer where the 1200euro security deposit was unexpected. I lost confidence in carhire3000 and cancelled the hire. After reading other reviews I’m glad i did this.

    We then walked to the other car hire desks at the airport to compare costs. Hertz was the best value, quick to book, excellent customer service and no security deposit.

  13. John Bradley says:

    I have also had trouble with Carhire3000. I won’t bother with the details but getting my expenses back from ‘customer relations’ is like getting blood from a stone. Has anybody any suggestions how to contact someone with more authority than Thani Mncwabe?

    • gorilladaze says:

      I had posted up details but got “threatened” with legal action if I didint take it down. I will email you the details though gladly although they wont answer you Johm as they are ignorant people. I had a phone number too which I can send you. I also have their solicitors details if you wish to send them a notice before action. Remember you can always launch county court action against them. I am thinking or preparing form letters so everyone can just send them to traveljigsaws eminent solicitors, and then a link to the court website, it only cost £60 and they have to pay the costs if they lose and you can do it from the comfort of your desk. They dont have a leg to stand on usually. look out for my email. hope it helps.

  14. Td235 says:

    Agreed. They are rubbish & I only wish I had seen this website prior to booking. Used then to hire a car in the USA through thrifty. Booked and paid for an additional driver up front. At end on rental once back in the uk I see they’ve charged again for a 2nd driver. No movement (and barely a response) from them except to say that I’m wrong and it was in the details of my booking. The fact that these “details” were never sent to me seems by the by. Do not use.

  15. Chatco says:

    We had a terrible experience with Carhire3000 last year in Palma. I was just looking at comparison sites and realised that they are now known as rentalcars.com. My advice would be ‘don’t part with any money or credit card details to this company’. We booked online and did an extensive like for like comparison search including full cdw cover and they appeared to be the cheapest ‘ fully inclusive’ price. When we arrived at the airport they wanted another 5oEuros excess waiver to cover ‘incidental damage’. The car was stored in a dark car park and we couldn’t check for damage there and then so we were effectively blackmailed into parting with the 50 Euros for fear of being held accountable for any pre-existing damage that we hadn’t spotted. That incidental damage could be anything from a slight scratch to a damaged wing mirror. They have your credit card details as security so it would be your word against theirs when it comes to arguing about whether there was damage or not and, judging from the comments here, they debit the credit card before asking any questions.
    We rang the UK office from Palma and asked if we could just cancel the whole booking rather than be blackmailed into paying more, but they just laughed and said we would lose all of our money – they couldn’t give a damn.
    It was a really miserable start to our holiday and, although only 50 Euros, it just made us feel ripped off and took the shine off the excitement of getting to our destination particularly for our children who could see we were annoyed. steer clear.

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