Google Loves Travel Jigsaw Review – Steaming up the Rankings

Well my little site seems to be really steaming up the rankings and I am getting a lot of visitors!

It is really helping spread the word about the TravelJigsaw Group in particular the really poor customer service that CarHire3000, the trading style of travel jigsaw in the uk. I have seen an increase in the tales of woe attributed to this company. Its a real shame that a company can treat their customers this way!

When hiring a car it is always best to try and get reviews about their service, you can do this by using google or another search engine. Ask friends and family if they recommend a car hire company.

I did not do any research I just looked for the cheapest car hire company online and then decided I would use them, based purely on price. However I ended up paying much more through time and inconvenience. In addition I also got treated with, in my opinion, complete disdain and disrespect by carhire 3000 staff.

You can help spread the word! Link back to my little blog and help spread the facts about this company, lets try and stop anyone else becoming a victim. Thanks.

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21 Responses to Google Loves Travel Jigsaw Review – Steaming up the Rankings

  1. David Elphick says:

    I recently used Travel Jigsaw to book a car. Though I had found a transparent good deal but ohhhhhhh no! When we arrived on holiday, after a flight with two children under 3, we were told that we’d not got sufficient insurance and had to provide a 600 euro deposit for the excess or pay 100 euro for the fully comp. A chipped windscreen or paintwork damage would mean full excess payment (or so i was told) so of cource we had to fork out 100 extra euros. Then i was told it was 95 euros for a full tank of fuel – 60 liters. Now I did not want so much fuel but that was it – take it or leave it i was told…again two children under three with me and the response from the car hire company was take it or leave it…I had to take it or the holiday would never get started and I’d have lost my money from travel jigsaw.

    So i feel ripped off and very annoyed. I hope others see this post and AVOID travel jigsaw at all costs.

  2. Carhire says:

    Are you actually thick ? Of course u need a deposit am sure u wouldn’t give ur own car to a stranger you dumb ass! And what do you want the fuel for free ha ha idiot ? Yes I think so and to explain te matter deeply carhire 3000 is an ifilate not that u would know that because u don’t even understand deposit ha ha and yes traveljigsaw is a good broker if u weren’t so tight in your pocket Abd moaning then go to the supplier directly bitch ha ha ps c’mon the jigsaw they must do a good job since there always busy dumb ass

    • gorilladaze says:

      At least I can write in the full English language without having to use abbreviations. You is You and not U, its your not ur. But I digress, I understand that deposits are needed for cars, I do not understand why such hefty deposits are needed. In fact the only reason is so that the hire car companies can charge you massive bills for alleged damage. There is no other reason, and they do not mention the MASSIVE deposit needed BY CARD when you book the car, Car Hire 3000 is not very straight with their customers, misleading with their claims and tardy in their responses, of course that is just my OPINION but look around this validly held, and freely offered opinions come from their VERY MANY dissatisfied customers. I would post up customers compliments as well but for some reason no one seems to post them on this blog. Stay Clear of TravelJigsaw Group they suck badly.

  3. Hollie Gaze says:

    Recently used Traveljigsaw and was really let down. We needed to have our car early on a Sunday morning. Due to the day and the early hour we checked and double checked that our car would be available. But when we got there – they had given it away. Had to wait two hours in the wee hours of the morning after traveling all night for a car to show up. No guarantee that it would be big enough for our party, but we were so tired we would have squeezed into anything.
    Did Traveljigsaw broke their contract with us and left us stranded – when we complained they refused any sort of a refund or compensation. Steer clear – they will leave you stranded!!

    • Colin Kay says:

      Perhaps you forgot the bit that you arrived late – probably the day after and oooops, couldn’t be arsed to tell anyone.. And, the car has got to still be available for you because you booked it, right… And you paid top dollar.

      Guys on this website – be true to yourselves and tell the truth.. You don’t understand what is required to rent a car… It’s everyone’s fault barr your own when it all goes wrong.

      Check the details everytime..

  4. Benoy sarkar says:

    This company charges a hefty cancellation fee a minimum 3 days rental. I was trying to help my friend from Morocco to rent a car using my credit card. We booked it all right but when the time came to pick up the car the car rental company refused to rent because my friend did not have a credit card. We offered a huge cash deposit but nothing worked. We could not rent the car.
    Travel Jigsaw charged my card and refused a refund. My bank did some investigation but no avail.

    • Colin Kay says:

      Doh, because you didn’t check – YOU NEED A CREDIT CARD – whose fault is that… Rental companies again… Somehow, I think not!

      • gorilladaze says:

        AHHH Colin pleased to meet you or are you Isabell? You seem to have ever changeable names, you obviously have the brain cell of an amoeba, you didn’t use a proxy or other service to hide your IP, so the posts you made as “Isabell” extolling the virtues of CARHIRE3000 came from exactly the same computer you are now using to blame customers for CARHIRE3000′s lack of customer service and care. In fact you sound very much like their customer service department explaining that its in the terms and conditions so what have we got to complain about? Sounds so familiar, to anyone who has dealt with this particular carhire company. As “Isabell” you said that you use CARHIRE3000 all the time. Is that because you work for them……I have saved your IP, I know your on BT for instance and I know you are in Manchester, funny how the HQ for this shower of idiots is also Manchester isn’t it? SHAME ON YOU for coming on here trying to mitigate for a company that is clearly wrong time after time after time…….

        • Colin Kay says:

          Are you for real!!!! Why would I want to hide my IP address… I run a very successful production business. I live in Manchester. Don’t you think there are other people in Manchester (it’s a big place) use this car rental company.. Probably have BT as their phone and internet provider, HELLO!!!

          But because Isabel and I have an opinion you choose to believe that we work for Carhire3000.. All I can say is you must have a very sad life that you allow a bad experience to rule it. This site is set up for people with only bad reviews… Your a DISGRACE!!!

          I have nothing to feel guilty about. I have done nothing wrong. Get a grip! Start living in the ‘real’ world.. It’s a nice place!!

      • Benoy Sarkar says:

        Colin, I don’t like your obscene remarks. Do you understand how a person feel when he loses his moneny for nothing? Yes, it was my fault not to go through the fine prints but if you are an honest company woouldn’t you return the money for 2nd duplicate booking? Does it make a sense to you that I am asking the refund for the 2nd booking only? I cancelled the 2nd booking in 15 minutes after my Moroccan friend read the fine prints (which was by the way in French). This is a classic case of cheating and you associate yourself with the cheaters, this I can say to you with utmost confidence.

  5. gorilladaze says:

    oh dear, a nerve touched there I think.

    You seem very angry….wonder why my little website would make someone so angry…….unless it effected them in some way…..why would my website cause you to become so annoyed? And to be honest, I dont look at this website one week to the next. It was created because CARHIRE3000 wouldn’t pay me £1000 that they owed me. Once I did this website, they paid me, funny that eh?

    I AM JUST LEAVING IT UP as a warning to others. Is that disgraceful?

    And no one mentioned Guilt, why are you feeling guilty? Calm Down Dear its only a website……….jesus anyone would think you owned CARHIRE3000 or something………..maybe its you who needs to”get a grip”?

  6. Colin Kay says:

    See my earlier post, below.. I have tried to be reasonable, but you are very unprofessional. A sad individual, who clearly doesn’t have a life… Nor in touch with reality….


    Well running a production business you work very long days. If you don’t think we’re genuine, then that’s your issue, not mine. I’m not here to argue my identity with you. Believe what you will (because you will). Neither do I want to get personal and into ‘slanging’ matches.

    My experiences have been good.. Sorry to say.. But I am very meticulous with paperwork, details and always strive to get a good price. It works for me. I just believe that credit should be due, when it’s due. I have no allegiance to Carhire3000, and I mostly certainly do not work for them.

    All I wanted to do was share my positive experience. It’s not wrong to do this. I think it’s fair. If you run a review site you should be prepared to take positive with negative. Obviously, your opinions are of a negative nature due to your experience. But what about people who have had a good experience. Don’t we matter??? Look, I’ve said what I said, I’ve got an opinion, it’s different from yours. Please just accept it.

  7. gorilladaze says:

    I have accepted it by not just deleting some of your very rude comments.

    I will leave all your comments up and let people make their own minds up….

  8. Dave Lloyd says:

    Car hire 3000 are total scammers,
    No car at airport 40 min waiting on help line then hung up,waiting for months for a reply to emails. Do yourself a favour go to a real carhire company, you get what you pay for.PS I will get my money back.

  9. Benoy Sarkar says:

    Hi Dave Lloyd,
    Please let us know about what you did to get your money back. I am in the US and was trying in vain through my credid card company.


  10. Elias Collins says:

    I wish I had read this site before I decided to rent from them, my decision also based solely on price. I booked a car from Florence to Rome Italy for 11 am the following day. I received an email stating they would confirm reservation within 24 hours. Needing to have a car the next day at the time specified I decided it was better to cancel before the reservation was booked. Upon logging into the website and selecting the option to cancel my reservation I received no cancellation number or email. Ignoring this and booking another car went on my trip and a day later logged into my email and saw an email from their customer service department stating the booking was complete. They referenced my request to cancel, but still booked the car and charged me for the full price. I replied back to them stating I had cancelled my booking before a reservation was confirmed and they need to return the money, several back and forth emails transpired but all they basically came down to was me ranting about that being a bad company and they owed me money and them pasting the following into the email:

    Dear Elias

    Thank you for your recent email . We’re genuinely sorry that the aspect of your reservation didn’t go according to plan on this occasion and I can confirm that you can now contact our customer service team through our online form in the “contact us” area on our website: We will endeavour to answer all customer service queries within 28 days from the point they are logged. Please chose the option for a comment on a completed rental.

    Your feedback is invaluable to us – thank you in advance for your understanding.

    If there is anything else we can do for you please don’t hesitate to contact us again.


    • gorilladaze says:

      would love to know what they finally did about this!

    • Benoy Sarkar says:

      Hi Elias,
      Same thing happened to me too. I cancelled my 2nd booking just in 15 minutes after realizing that I am not eligible to rent a car from them. But these thieves charged my credit card anyway. But anyway, I could never recover the money.

  11. K Ellwood says:

    Shiity company, like to screw with military personnel most of all. I admit one thing, my mistake was actually believing they would honour thier own customer service policy. HAHAHA. I have told everyone I know how this company is a scam through and through. If they operate in canada this way they won’t for long. Not sure of the consumer protection policies in UK but something needs to be done about this company. I hope they go bankrupt. Sorry for the minimum wagers who’ll lose their jobs but McDonalds is always hiring.

  12. Petyo says:

    Book a car from CARHIRE3000. When arrived at the airport been told from Europcar that have to pay fee to having a winter tyres!!!Carhire 3000 are been infomed about this,but fail to let me know,so at the end been forced to pay 36 euro for nothing.No one else at the airport charge that fee.Car was in very poor condition.Covered with snow lot of scraches,huge dent at front bonnet,stainy seats,very noisy belt.Terrble!!No choice of vehicles,so if you not happy will simply lose your money.

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