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This is the complete list of all the domains I can find relating to this really bad car hire company. They treated me with complete disdain, I would ask myself if you are thinking of using them to book a car rental through, why? There are plenty of car rental companies which dont have as much negative feedback.

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  2. Richard Ashworth says:

    I took out a booking with Car Hire 3000 on 27th June for 3rd September 2011. I took out the EXTRA damage waiver cover with them rather than the car hire company themselves. BIG MISTAKE. More that two months after returning, Car Hire 3000 still have not paid me the money that the car hire compoany have debitted to my account. If I had done the waiver with the car hire company themselves, I would have not to chase for repayment. They talk about customer service. I will not be using them again.

  3. Cristiane says:

    Found another “sister” website as well.

    Thanks so much for having made this website. I was about to book a car with them today and because I’ve already had problems with car rental agencies before, I decided to do my homework and research about them in the internet. BINGO! found your website. Changed my mind. Think I am going to use trains and buses when in Portugal – and taxis. At least, I won’t be destroying the whole experience of my holidays because of a bunch of idiots.

    Thank you SO much!


    Merry xmas!
    Cris, UK

  4. James White says:

    Avoid like the plague. Promised a Golf, got a 8 year old Skoda Fabia 1.4 Estate with 66,oookm. Waited 45mins to be collected from the airport, waited 30 mins to do paperwork for vehicle. Charged 60euros for a full tank of fuel (only used 1/4 of a tank)Complained via e-mail while on holiday. Told to begin complaint procedures on return. Did this, waited 1 month for reply…no reply, contacted them again, told I had instructed them to drop the case….I did nothing of the sort. Came back with Skoda Fabia in same class as Golf, complaint not being upheld that is the end of the matter. I have asked to speak to customer services manager, still waiting after one week.

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