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carhire3000 or Travel Jigsaw its all the same, bad experience after bad experience

Seriously this little website has been inundated with bad customer experience after bad customer experience at the hands of these jokers. What a bunch of amateurs, they really operate on the margins of decency and when hard working people who … Continue reading

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CarHire3000 by TravelJigsaw Group Tales of Woe, just keep coming!

Well I genuinely did not think this little webpage on Carhire3000, a car hire company owned by the TravelJigsaw Group would cause such a furore or attract the contributions that I am getting. All contributions are completely genuine I know … Continue reading

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CARHIRE3000 – Thinking of Hiring a Car from them? Think Again!

Sometimes it is easy to think you are the only one having a problem and that it is relatively new for you to have a problem with a car hire firm. Especially CARHIRE3000 yet I was searching for others who … Continue reading

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Payment Delayed in the “Banking Process”?? Or Just Delayed?

Travel Jigsaw the worlds worst Car Hire Provider reaches a new milestone today, its been exactly a month since I hired a car from them that turned ultimately into this website about how bad they are at two things. 1) … Continue reading

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Jigsaw Travel – Goes to Pieces with T and C’s

Well found an interesting post on a website by a fellow victim of Travel Jigsaws dreaded Gurns and Submissions! They can not refund, a refund by Hertz its contrary to their Terms and Conditions by all accounts. Of course this … Continue reading

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Car Rental Rip Off

Seems like a pattern emerges here someone is ripping someone off and the consumer seems to be in the middle. Its when you come to claim on the insurance product offered by Car Hire 3000 that the REAL problems become … Continue reading

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