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OMG Carhire3000 have a new name – Drum Roll Please for carrentals.com

OMG I feel like I have been asleep at the wheel and whilst nodding off the boffins at Carhire3000 hae finally realised that they needed a better domain name propably so they can rank better in the search engines like … Continue reading

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carhire3000 or Travel Jigsaw its all the same, bad experience after bad experience

Seriously this little website has been inundated with bad customer experience after bad customer experience at the hands of these jokers. What a bunch of amateurs, they really operate on the margins of decency and when hard working people who … Continue reading

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Jigsaw Travel – Goes to Pieces with T and C’s

Well found an interesting post on a website by a fellow victim of Travel Jigsaws dreaded Gurns and Submissions! They can not refund, a refund by Hertz its contrary to their Terms and Conditions by all accounts. Of course this … Continue reading

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An Email to CarHire3000, who mentioned Admin Fees?!?

This is my response to their poor customer service email they sent me yesterday. It seems that there is now Admin Fees, further waits for money and threats of legal action, I address all of these. I have yet to … Continue reading

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Travel Jigsaw (Car-Hire-3000) Review

CarHire 3000 causing you problems? They did for me too and a few other people if you go looking for reviews on them. Their customer service is appalling and they really are not very helpful at all! I will be … Continue reading

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