NO Payment NO Cry…….. NO Payment NO Cry………

It hasn’t come as a surprise but a FULL week after saying they had made a payment it still hasn’t come onto my card or into my bank!

What a LAUGH! These bunch of idiots just make matters worse and worse, they actually had the cheek to send me a promotional email the other day asking me to use their rubbish car hire service again! Call me a dunderhead but surely someone at the TravelJigsaw Group should be on the ball enough to know that I dont want anymore contact other than my money back?

I have had enough of this to be honest, I am going to get my money back off my bank, let TravelJigsaw argue with them. Its a crazy world we live in……

TravelJigsaw Car Hire certainly one of those to avoid if not THE CarHire 3000 company you dont want to deal with….

CarHire 3000 that makes me laugh, they deal with companies who just help themselves to your hard earned. And why CarHire3000 not a catchy name is it? Just to clarify CarHire 3000 are as third party in transactions and it was the car hire company in Germany who helped themselves to my money, their solicitors wanted me to make that clear. It was CarHire 3000 who took nearly a month to pay me back and then sent it to the wrong bank account. I hope that clarifies the position.

OH well off to phone the bank…… will let you know how I get on.

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Payment Delayed in the “Banking Process”?? Or Just Delayed?

Travel Jigsaw the worlds worst Car Hire Provider reaches a new milestone today, its been exactly a month since I hired a car from them that turned ultimately into this website about how bad they are at two things.

1) Car Hire! They or to be more precise Thrifty and Dollar Car Hire in Germany, rent dirty cars that hide damage, then when you bring it back wipe away the dirt and charge you for damage that was already there! I will write fully about my experiences with Thrifty Germany soon, now that’s an experience, abandon hope all customers of Thrifty Frankfurt Airport – You are doomed, and the staff are rude too…..

2) On top of the above, Thrifty and Dollar Car Hire in Germany helped themselves to my money to the tune of £940, this was at the time I took the car back. I phoned them numerous times and got no response, emails went forth, none came back. Well some did but they weren’t very helpful. But upon launching Travel Jigsaw Review! A MIRACLE! or so I thought, I was told my money would be paid back, immediately. In fact they would waive the Admin Fees as stated in their Gurns and Submissions. I would get every penny back!

My joy at this news has now turned to despair, I was promised this last week, it still isn’t here. So thank you Jigsaw Travel Group you have done it again. You say one thing and do another, not surprising then that you have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with, and trust me that was not an easy crown to take, but by sprinting to lie to me about paying my money back and then not doing it! You take the Crown! well done! It has been pointed out by the Solicitors acting on behalf of CarHire3000 that this in not true. They are correct it is not true Travel Jigsaw Group did pay em my money back but into the WRONG BANK ACCOUNT! I am more than happy to give you this information, after everything they did they then paid the money into the wrong bank account! Need I say more?

Arise Shitty Car Hire 3000!

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Interesting Phonecall from Travel Jigsaw, Bad Reviews Not Liked?

Well Well Well

After numerous attempts at contact, emails, telephone calls going nowhere, ignoring my emails. It seems this website may have peaked their interest. And MIRACLES! my money is apparently on its way. With the exchange rate I thought I would be out of pocket but it turns out I made £1.64 on the deal. However this website and my time and energy makes me out of pocket considerably.

I got a phone call from a guy explaining my money was on its way back, ITS A MIRACLE! Then got put through to a customer service manager who glibly talked me again through the terms and conditions of the hire, blah, blah, blah. Offered to refund me any currency exchange differences, apologised for a member of their staff sending me another customers emails, but you know I came away with the rather distasteful impression that these people genuinely think the way they treated me was completely and utterly normal. That because it was in their Gurns and Submissions that it was ok to treat people like this. Ignore them…. its ok we say we wont acknowledge your email for 48 hours in our tandc’s, not pay em my money for 30 days, its ok its in the tandc’s, what a load of tosh. An example that should be used in all customer service reviews of how to handle a complaint ineffectively and badly. Ignore the customer and not make amends at the earliest possible time. That is a recipe for disaster. As can be seen, because to be frank I am not going away, I find this company both unprofessional and to be honest touching on the immoral. So I will keep posting about them as this is not over yet as I still 5 days after they said they had paid for my money to be “express” paid it isn# not in my bank account. Wonder if they sent it the right way? or if indeed they sent it at all, not to worry will be claiming it back on my card soon enough if it is not paid.

Avoid at all costs Travel Jigsaw Group and Car Hire 3000 they will give you nightmares……

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Jigsaw Travel – Goes to Pieces with T and C’s

Well found an interesting post on a website by a fellow victim of Travel Jigsaws dreaded Gurns and Submissions! They can not refund, a refund by Hertz its contrary to their Terms and Conditions by all accounts. Of course this is not me and is not my post its is someone else having problems with Travel Jigsaw! Or Car Hire 3000, he says they have kept his money.

From my Bad Experiences with CarHire3000 I am not surprised, yet another complaint about Car Hire 3000. There is definitely a pattern emerging I think.

Which of their terms and conditions do you think prevents them from returning their customers money? I am sure the delightful Ms P could tell us, she is an expert at Travel Jigsaws Unfair Terms and Conditions. Well she would but she doesn’t respond very well to emails, or for that matter well thought out critique of emails that she does eventually send.

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An Email to CarHire3000, who mentioned Admin Fees?!?

This is my response to their poor customer service email they sent me yesterday. It seems that there is now Admin Fees, further waits for money and threats of legal action, I address all of these. I have yet to get a response to this reply which was sent last night……. I will keep you posted.

Hi Ms P

Funny how now you are in a position to finalise my case! Amazing turn around for a company that has JUST NOT BEEN INTERESTED for a month. OH Well! I am glad that you are in a position to “finalise” my case.

However lets get a few facts straight.

1) I was never informed of the fact in my THREE telephone calls to your office that I needed to supply anything at all.

“We note form our records that you did not send any of the above. Should this have been the case you would have had your refund within a week. ”

That is clearly untrue as I was told VERY CLEARLY that no matter what happened I would have to wait 28 days PLUS I would have to wait 48 hours just for my case to be allocated to an “agent”. Please get your facts straight.

2) I DONT AGREE that I damaged the car, I refused to sign a damage form as I NEVER DAMAGED THE CAR. Its that simple, read my emails, it was a con to get me to pay for existing damage on a replacement car that was supplied to me dirty.

3) Ryan NEVER informed me to supply any documentation in any of his emails apart from the last one which included the details of someone else’s email address something that breaches DATA protection.
“….Ryan to update you and request any documentation which could help us to resolve your matter quicker. You have refused to provide it.”

I refused to provide personal information to someone who doesn’t understand the basic rudimentary concept of keeping people’s private details private. Or it would seem how to operate an email account!

regarding the website,

4) “We take matters of this kind extremely seriously especially ones with a slanderous content.”
Slander is the act of telling someone something which is untrue. LIBEL is the act of publishing something which is untrue. I have not published anything that is untrue, you may not like what I have published but unfortunately for you it is all true.

5) I merely ask the question regarding “good” reviews I do not accuse anyone of anything and indeed merely wonder if the IP’s should be checked of the posters of these reviews. Its a question not an accusation.

6) “I would also like to add that is illegal to use someone’s name on a website without their consent.” This is clearly not correct, indeed before you start throwing heavy words around like illegal! I would suggest you get legal advice, what I have done is not “illegal” I have created a website with the intention of informing anyone who cares to read it that your service is very very bad, in no way is that illegal! These are words in the public domain, I do not need your permission to write about your poor service or indeed publish anything about your poor service. (altered following legal threats)

7) If bad reviews about your company did not exist I would not be able to link to them. I would suggest you concentrate on putting right what went wrong on this occasion.

Now Ms P as head of customer services you may want to take a good long look at your email. It takes a good 3/4 of the email to illicit any sort of apology from you, indeed you take great pains to point out how wrong I am for the first substantial part of the email. I would suggest you work on your customer service skills because to be frank they must be a bit rusty. You dropped the ball, apologise, its not that big a deal to apologise first…….. it just looks churlish to do it at the end of an email, as a throw away line. Almost like you don’t mean it!

I wonder how much the administration charge will be, this is a new one again no one mentioned the dreaded admin fee. Or the fact its another 7-10 days to get the money………call this service?

Regarding the website, I don’t respond to threats, again threatening a really unhappy customer, not customer service 101 is it?


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Ms P- A Response!

Finally after 3 emails I get a response, not a good response, but a response. I have copied the email below from Travel Jigsaw’s Senior Customer Service Agent. You will notice it does not start with any form of apology, it does go on at great length about terms and conditions, and apparently how I knew that I would have this nightmare before it happened. After all this is my fault, I am but a customer of no consequence in the big scheme of things really and TandC’s cover every aspect of my life. I live to read a complex set of TandC’s, at night I go to bed dreaming of the next set of TandC’s to read. If I was in charge of Travel Jigsaw the first thing I would do would make things EASY to understand. Like so :

1) If you hire a car from us or our partners ensure you have £1,000 on a credit card to pay AT PICK UP. They say excess but its a security deposit you HAVE TO FIND before you can drive the car away. This was not clear to me.

2) DO NOT ACCEPT A DIRTY CAR and ensure when you pick the car up that you get on your belly and check the underneath of the car being hired, ensuring you wipe away the dirt from this Car Hire 3000 rental, as they do when you return it, to find damage UNDERNEATH a car bumper………crazy but true.

3) Be prepared to go to extra-ordinary lengths to get your money back, a bit like creating your own website, if you do that, they respond pretty quickly, but with THREATS! Not the way to go about getting repeat custom. (to clarify I was threatened with legal action in the email below, I don’t want to be accused of slander I mean Libel, oh whatever. Everything I am writing is correct)

Here is the email from Ms P THE customer service agent! I don’t think anyone at Travel Jigsaw Ltd has a clue about a Customer First policy. It may just be me, but I get a sense of superiority coming through in these emails. As though I should know better, there again maybe I should.

Dear Mr Jones,

Thank you for your email and subsequent emails. We are now in a position to finalise your case.

Before this is done, I would like to clarify the following.

You made a booking for a car rental reservation with us on our website. You selected this particular package which had an excess of between €800 and €1500 in the event of damage. The full terms and conditions of the package are available at 3 points, twice during the booking process and once on receiving the voucher. Point 1) is when you have selected your car (you will see view rental terms’ there, in the terms the customers can find the full details of the car rental, excess amounts, deposit amounts etc). Point 2) is before the final booking process.

During the booking process you then selected the damage excess refund product. This is a product which if you are charged for damage we will reimburse you.

To make sure our customer are fully aware of how this works, again we are careful to explain this in the same terms and conditions so customers are not surprised by this.

As part of the contract you entered into you agreed to the following terms in making the booking:

In order to make a claim under our Damage Excess Refund product, you will need to send the following to our customer services department in writing:

· Booking Reference and lead driver details

· Copy of Rental Agreement

· Copy of the check in / check out document

· Credit Card Statements relating to any charges

· Copy of Accident / Damage report completed with the supplier

· Copy of police report (if the damage involved a third party)

This information should be sent to:

Customer Service, 56 Peter Street – 4th Floor, St George’s House, Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5NQ

Naturally we will need to contact the supplier in question regarding the incident & charges which can take 28 days. Unfortunately if you did not purchase the excess refund product from us at the time of booking, we regret that we are unable to refund any charges made. If you did not purchase the excess refund product from us, we cannot cover any charges made.

We note form our records that you did not send any of the above. Should this have been the case you would have had your refund within a week. As you not providing us with this information caused delays we then contacted the damage department in Germany to get this information on your behalf .

During the time since you opened the claim we noticed the negative remark on the ‘review centre’ as a responsible business and committed to customer satisfaction we follow up on all negative reviews. This is why I (the senior customer service agent) contacted you.

You have emailed you back and as your case has been already opened I have asked by colleague Ryan to update you and request any documentation which could help us to resolve your matter quicker. You have refused to provide it.

I also note your website. I would firstly like to apologise that you feel that strongly but I trust the above explanation explains matters. I would also like to add that is illegal to use someone’s name on a website without their consent. With this in mind I have not given you authorisation to do so, so please remove. We take matters of this kind extremely seriously especially ones with a slanderous content.

With regards to the content on your website concerning the authenticity of the reviews. I can assure you if you wanted to check these the review centre could confirm the IP addresses used.

We are truly sorry you felt disappointed in this instance. Supplier have now provided us with repair invoices and we are now in a position as per your ‘damage excess refund policy’ to confirm that we can refund you the full amount of 605.45 EUR for damage sustained during your recent car rental excluding any administration fees. This amount will be credited back on to the credit card you paid your car rental with (card ending 9015). Please allow 7-10 working days for this to appear on your statements.

Further to above supplier credited 394.56 EUR back to your card, as repair cost was lower than security deposit.

We look forward to your remarks about your website before we decide what action we may need to take.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further queries.

Kind regards

Ms P

Senior Customer Service Agent


Freephone Tel: 0800 358 7707 (Option 3)

Tel: 0044 (0) 161 836 6707

Fax: 0044 (0) 161 836 6737

Some response! comments? I will post my reply tomorrow….

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Ms P the Non Customer Service Manager!

So I did a car hire 3000 review at the review centre. It of course was immediately buried by “good” reviews. Suspicious but I dont have access to the IP records maybe Review Centre should look at their IP records for these positive reviews? I may write to them and ask, but thats another story.

After about 48 hours I got contacted by review centre with the following email :

“Thanks for your contribution to Review Centre.
We have been contacted by the people from Car Hire 3000 about you review.
They are obviously unhappy that you feel that their service was not up to scratch and would like the opportunity to try and rectify the situation.
If you feel that you would like to contact them please send a email to at
You have no obligation to do this, we are just trying to help a company that is showing willing to improve their customer services. “

I thought brilliant someone at Travel Jigsaw who will take my complaint seriously, will deal efficiently with the this and just give me my money back!

Ms P who are you? Because after 48 hours of patience you have not even acknowledged my emails! I would have thought that requesting someone to email you, the least you could do is reply. I have sent Ms P another email with a link to this article wonder if she will respond?

If you are having trouble with Car Hire 3000 part of the Travel Jigsaw group maybe you should contact Ms P the email address is there again maybe not…….. she doesn’t answer her emails.

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Car Rental Rip Off

Seems like a pattern emerges here someone is ripping someone off and the consumer seems to be in the middle. Its when you come to claim on the insurance product offered by Car Hire 3000 that the REAL problems become apparent. Car Hire 3000 are just not interested in helping out customers. Its a sad painful truth that you only learn after the event! But don’t take my word on it look here for one of many Car Hire 3000 Complaints This seems to be a typical complaint regarding Travel Jigsaw and their Car Rental model which seems to involve High Security deposits taken at point of hire combined with Minor Damage reports filed and your High Deposit taken for at least 28 days. I would call it a rip off, but think about this, what happens if Travel Jigsaw goes BUMP, bankrupt, liquidates? Your so called insurance is not worth the paper it is written on and you are left with a hefty price tag for your rental…… which you thought was value for money. not looking so attractive now is it, avoid them at all costs they are not worth the hassle trust me there are plenty more Car Rental companies who want your money.

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Travel Jigsaw (Car-Hire-3000) Review

CarHire 3000 causing you problems? They did for me too and a few other people if you go looking for reviews on them. Their customer service is appalling and they really are not very helpful at all!

I will be posting links to reviews on carhire3000 and  travel jigsaw soon.

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