OMG Carhire3000 have a new name – Drum Roll Please for

OMG I feel like I have been asleep at the wheel and whilst nodding off the boffins at Carhire3000 hae finally realised that they needed a better domain name propably so they can rank better in the search engines like Google, and then get even more money off unsuspecting customers, or prospects as they are known in the trade.

Well their shiny new name is! Its an amazing NEW NAME for carhire3000. So when you are looking to avoid a car rental company and looking to avoid one that could possibly cause you problems then may I suggest that you avoid

Maybe you are looking for a review into well I would suggest that you can count the reviews here on travel jigsaw review as being relevant as its the same company, you maybe able to change your name but as they say a leopard doesnt change its spots. call it what you want its the same team at as it is at carhire3000 the same poor team, who dont care about customer service, they dont care about customer retention, they dont care about you the customer.

So the shiny spanky new name for carhire3000, avoid, avoid, avoid.

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