carhire3000 or Travel Jigsaw its all the same, bad experience after bad experience

Seriously this little website has been inundated with bad customer experience after bad customer experience at the hands of these jokers. What a bunch of amateurs, they really operate on the margins of decency and when hard working people who pay good money have a legitimate complaint they are just not interested.

I mean this HUGE SECURITY deposit business. If you pay for insurance that covers you for every eventuality through carhire3000 then why do you have to pay such a HUGE security deposit to Thrifty? or one of their other “car hire partners”? It beggars belief that you have to hand over £1000 to a car hire company PRIOR to being able to drive the car away. THEN if there is the need to claim the money back you are left with having to chase the hinge and bracket operation that is Carhire3000. Please Please Please for the love of all that is holy and your own money DO NOT HIRE A CAR FROM CARHIRE3000 they seriously are just not worth dealing with.

You may feel that you are getting cheap car hire through carhire3000 but you will pay for it in the long term. I wish I hadn’t and you can see how strongly I feel about it, I run this website for free, as a LIGHTHOUSE in the sea of Carhire3000 empty promises. Trying to steer the good people of this country away from this company. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! or in the words of the famous Monty Python – Run Away! Run Away!

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7 Responses to carhire3000 or Travel Jigsaw its all the same, bad experience after bad experience

  1. Isabel Jenkins says:

    I have dealt with this company for many years and have a great rapport with both the sales and reservations team.. Surely, you can’t expect to hire a car without leaving a security deposit, paying for fuel, additional insurances are optional… Arriving at a location unprepared and not having any of the relevant paperwork… Whose fault is that??? And then you expect the broker (carhire3000) to refund all your money having taken time to process your booking, payment, etc. People need to read the small print and if unclear ring them.. I always ring the sales team when I book as I travel all over the world and check any additional costs that I may incur before I book so as I know what it’s actually going to cost me. They have a free phone number and it’s all explained in detail.

    So, I don’t happen to agree with a lot of comments posted… You can change your bad experiences by taking time to read the paperwork you are given. We all do it if we are going on holiday, car rental is no different

    • gorilladaze says:

      Isabell you changed sex in about 30 minutes to Colin… does that work? You should really learn to hid your IP. Carhire3000 is a notoriously bad car hire company, you have a rapport with their sales and reservations team because you work for the company…come on admit it…..IP in Manchester, BT as your ISP, just the same as CARHIRE3000. Don’t worry I still published your propoganda as you see its unique content that helps my site rank for carhire3000 and serve as a digital lighthouse warning others not to stray to carhire3000.

  2. Colin Kay says:

    For your information, NO, I don’t work for Carhire 3000 – I run a very successful business along with my business partner, Colin. Who, surprisingly, also rates Carhire3000 as well.. We were shocked to see the reviews hence why we responded. No other motive. So, it would seem if you have a Manchester IP address and BT as your email provider your not allowed to make a comment on your review website.. Clearly you just want to hear all the bad reviews because you don’t want to hear anything good..

    You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

  3. gorilladaze says:

    Ahhhh ok that explains it then…..why a couple of grown adults at 1.00 am in the morning TAKE TURNS to post nothing but positive comments mimicing word for word what is the standard CARHIRE3000 line of “should have read the small print”.

    In my case as in many others CARHIRE3000 was far from a perfect experience, I am glad in your case that you didn’t suffer at the hands of these fools, and I have posted your comments up, as you can see. Unfortunately yours are THE ONLY comments of positiveness I have EVER recieved. And if I am going to be frank the circumstances of these comments really does make me think they are not genuine. No offence. 1.00am in the morning, sharing a computer, business partners……just smells a bit funny.

    And pray tell why should I be ashamed of myself, what an innane comment to make? I have nothing to be ashamed of, have you?

  4. Colin Kay says:

    Well running a production business you work very long days. If you don’t think we’re genuine, then that’s your issue, not mine. I’m not here to argue my identity with you. Believe what you will (because you will). Neither do I want to get personal and into ‘slanging’ matches.

    My experiences have been good.. Sorry to say.. But I am very meticulous with paperwork, details and always strive to get a good price. It works for me. I just believe that credit should be due, when it’s due. I have no allegiance to Carhire3000, and I mostly certainly do not work for them.

    All I wanted to do was share my positive experience. It’s not wrong to do this. I think it’s fair. If you run a review site you should be prepared to take positive with negative. Obviously, your opinions are of a negative nature due to your experience. But what about people who have had a good experience. Don’t we matter??? Look, I’ve said what I said, I’ve got an opinion, it’s different from yours. Please just accept it.

    • gorilladaze says:

      absolutely and thats why every word you have written will be left up for everyone to judge. Good and Bad. Thats freedon of speech.

  5. Paul Gadsdon says:

    Worst carhire company in the world

    And I do not expect to pay for fuel at the rental companies own fuel rate


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