We are still here despite Threats of Legal Action

I cannot publish the letter sent to me by the solicitors acting on behalf of the ruthlessly efficient Travel Jigsaw Group, who run and operate Car Hire 3000.

As you can no doubt tell they did not supply me with the most perfect of Car Hire experiences, indeed to be honest and I must STRESS this is MY OPINION, (just for legal eagles checking this) They supplied me with the most inept and rubbish service followed by the most DIRE customer service I have ever been the victim of. They certainly did not go out of their way to make my experience one that I would repeat. In fact if I was asked to recommend a Car Hire company I would certainly not recommend using carhire3000 or Travel Jigsaw!

But don’t take my word for it if you really want to take a more independent, one that is not so tainted with the bad experience at the hands of Car Hire 3000 then just take a look around the world wide web!

For a really bad experience then you could read about them not supplying the right car, or not even having a car.

This Car Hire Watchdog website has a load of not very flattering reviews. All bemoaning the terrible car hire service offered by CarHire3000. I wonder if they have been approached by the anonymous Ms P, or even the really hard nosed legal eagles determined to undermine the medium of free speech!

I will of course keep you, my dear reader informed of any new and exciting Complaints about Travel Jigsaw Group just as soon as I come across them…….its only a matter of time.

Till the next time don’t hire a car from CarHire 3000, you will regret it!

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3 Responses to We are still here despite Threats of Legal Action

  1. Matt Haywood says:


    I am having a real hard time trying to get sense out of this bunch of monkeys, in respect of local insurance and taxes that I had to pay in Spain, when the Car Hire 3000 receipt said that my payment to them also included all insurance and local taxes, so I want a refund, basically.

    We also paid for a childs car seat that didn’t exist, so I want a refund for that, too.

    I’m now considering issuing a County Court Claim Form as I really am at the point where if I don’t, I’ll end up getting in my car to drive up North and twat Ms P.

    Ok, deep breaths, calm down….I have also been asking them to tell me which authority regulates their company as I can’t see any reference to it on their websites.

    Assuming they are regulated (they purport to be travel brokers, so I thought they had to be regulated?), do you have any idea who the governing body is?!

    Thank you!

    • gorilladaze says:

      I understand your frustration which is why I started this website, they hate it and its not going anywhere, I am working on the SEO so that people may find this BEFORE they have a problem. They have now backed off the legal action, but I have had to edit your post to remove personally identifiable information. I can only suggest that you do actually issue a County Court Summons, my guess is they will pay you straight away. Don’t forget you HAVE to give them notice before action…….

  2. Petyo says:

    Book a car from CARHIRE3000. When arrived at the airport been told that have to pay fee to having a winter tyres!!!Carhire 3000 are been infomed about this,but fail to let me now,so at the end been forced to pay 36 euro for nothing.No one else at the airport charge that fee.Car was in very poor condition.Covered with snow lot of scraches,huge dent at front bonnet,stainy seats,very noisy belt.Terrble!!No choice of vehicles,so if you not happy will simply lose your money.

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