Travel Jigsaw Group threaten Legal Action! Its a Revolution!

I was walking up my drive on Easter Saturday when I was approached by a man looking to deliver a letter to my house. It was a courier delivering a 10 page missive regarding my little website. It appears that Travel Jigsaw Group do not like complaints regarding their company being publicised. They are carrying out a Revolution!, they truly are Revolting! (its an old pun, but oldies are goodies)

I would love to show you this massive missive but alas I cannot it states on the front page that it is not for publication. It doesn’t state on every page that it is not for publication though so I presume that I could publish those pages which are not clearly marked not for publication? hmmm I will think about this.

Anyways the long and the short of it is that Travel Jigsaw are not happy about my comments on their service, the website existing and the fact I mention employees names. I have taken down any mention of Ms P, after all its not her fault she was not very good at her job and publicising her failings is not very nice. I have also clearly set out other things which upon reflection may have given a wrong impression. In relation to the payments that eventually did come forth from CarHire 3000, THEY DID PAY ME, BUT they paid into the wrong bank account! So till the end incompetent, but I thought I should make that clear, as their enforcers thought this was bad. Apparently I am defaming Travel Jigsaw but my honestly held believes are that you should not hire a car from Travel Jigsaw or any of their subsidiary companies. I may be colourful in my language but to get things across to people you do need to use colloquialisms. I just want to make it clear that Travel Jigsaw operate behind a vast raft of Terms and Conditions and that you can read these prior to hiring a car from them. A wise person wouldn’t hire a car off Travel Jigsaw but if you are going to, read the Terms and Conditions.

Hmmm I am sure there was something else, the letter was so big and threatening its kinda put me off, oh thats it Travel Jigsaw would like me to point out that I AM IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED with them. I would have thought this was obvious to anyone reading this who had the mental capacity to read, but apparently their solicitors and their senior executives fail this test!

I am now awaiting a decision from my hosting company I may be forced to move home because they are going after them too now……. Travel Jigsaw Group you should be ashamed…… bully boy tactics will not work with me.

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  1. Harry Robertson says:

    I have also had a run in with Traveljigsaw. I hired a car form CarHire 3000 when I went to S Africa. It was paid in full before I went. Four weeks into my six week holiday the parent company Europacar charged me again for the car. I eventually got most of my money back with the exception of £19 something. When I contacted their customer relations to get the rest of my money back I was told to get my bank to claim it back.
    That is the last time I hire a car from them so it has cost them £750 every time I go to S Africa.

    • gorilladaze says:

      I wouldn’t use them either CarHire 3000 have the worst customer service I have ever come across online, and trust me it took some special kindsa rubbish to take that crown ;-) , the only way to deal with this bunch is to just go elsewhere eventually as a business they will fail as the customer service at Travel Jigsaw Group is absolutely rubbish!

  2. Daniel Floyd says:

    I managed to cancel my car hire long before i was due to travel and even after 5 phone calls, twice cancelling via their website, i am yet to receive a credit for my original payment to them………
    15 days and counting!

  3. Simon Travis says:

    Stay away from National/Alamo/Europcar it is the same company and they are expensive, never have cars. I had somuch bad experirence in the UK

    Europcar Sucks

  4. Chatco says:

    We too had problems with Car Hire 3000. They were very pleasant when we rang with questions before booking but once they had our money the attitude of the staff (name available but we shall just call him Dick) was appalling. Dick’s attitude was so dismissive that the alarm bells began ringing straight away as it was obvious that he had stock answers to anyone daring to question anything. They are ripping people off and they know it. I intend to pursue them, within the law of course.

  5. David brown says:

    This company left me and my family high and dry at Malaga Airport . They took my payment in full from my debit card and would not give me a car at the airport because my debit card was not a credit refund, had to hire a car from another supplier. Disgusting customer service. Rip off merchants!

  6. Amanda Cragg says:

    I to have had a run in with Travel Jigsaw who are refusing to repay me a damage excess waiver of over £500 following an accident when I hired a car from Eurpocar (who are Alamo) in South Africa. I took out the Collision Damage Excess waiver through travel jigsaw and they are still disputing the fact because I was driving on an unmade road… and the service and response time for dealing with this matter has been very poor. Definitely AVOID traveljigsaw!

  7. Hi,

    We are currently having a run in with Car hire 3000 , i will post the result when we get it.
    Basicly we went to lithuania and was given a car to use that Borat wouldnt of kept his Goats in! disgusting.!!! their operator was Thrifty a house hold name …
    keep you posted.

  8. Elias Collins says:

    CAREHIRE3000 SUCKS! Stay away!

    rented a car with them in Florence and had to pay full price up front on a creditcard. They couldn’t book one for me instantly but sent me an email they would confirm the reservation within 24 hours. I immediately cancelled the request from their website TWICE but received no confirmation of cancellation. 24 hours later I received a confirmation that the car was booked. By that time I was already in another city having picked up a car from a valid care rental company the previous morning. I requested several times with their customer service team but was told they couldn’t do anything. After finally throwing a fit in an email I received an email stating I could contact their customer relations department and would receive a response within 28 days.

    I opened a fraud complaint with my creditcard and it’s still pending.

  9. Eric Taylor says:


    Ref: CarHire 3000 Reservation Number: 430264871

    Hire Car from London Stansted Airport with Alamo (Europcar)
    Rental Agreement No. 131204560

    I phoned Travel Jigsaw Customer Services (Jon from Holland) on Sunday 15th January at approx. 11.30 am (UK time). He advised me to contact you by email.

    I collected the Hire Car – a Ford Focus 1.6 DSPT (WV61 GYS) on Saturday 7th January at approx. 14.30.
    I checked the car for visible damage and all seemed OK.
    My wife and I were travelling with 2 large suitcases and 2 small cases.
    We were spending the weekend in Witham, Essex approx 22 miles from Stansted Airport.
    Whilst driving we noticed that the steering wheel was at an angle when it should have been straight.
    There did not seem to be any problems turning the front wheels.
    There was also a strange noise coming from the nearside of the car whilst moving – possible drive shaft.
    As we were travelling to the South of England on the Monday morning (9th January) and were about to drive approx. 700 miles I decided to contact Europcar in Stansted to change the car, as I was not happy.
    I repeatedly tried contacting Europcar on 01279 681702, there was no option to leave a message – only a voice mail telling you that the office was closed and not open until 8 am on Monday morning.
    I also phoned 0845 1202071 and got the same message.
    I eventually got an answer on Monday morning and informed them of the problem and I was told to bring the car back to Stansted Airport and they would change it.
    When we arrived at Stansted Airport (10.48) I explained the problem to the staff (an older lady) in the car park, who wrote down the details.
    The car was checked for bodywork damage and accepted and I was told there were no charges.
    The lady informed me that they check for bodywork damage but not mechanical – that the staff drive the car to the car wash and it is then sent out on the next rental.

    Why was this damage not reported when the staff drove the car to the car wash.
    Hence, Europcar rented me a car “That was not safe to drive on the road”.

    A new rental car was given to me – Opel Meriva 1.4. petrol (DV11 JUA) – I was not offered a choice of car.
    On my rental agreement it was stated that I would be given a free upgrade to Compact Car Vauxhall Astra or similar.
    The Ford Focus was an Compact Car but I believe the Opel Meriva was not in this category.
    Although this car had 5 doors and seating for 4 passengers it was not powerful enough to carry 2 passengers and luggage, due to the 1.4 engine.
    I understood that all Compact cars had a minimum of a 1.6 engine – please could you investigate and confirm.

    I returned the Opel Meriva on Saturday 14th January to Europcar and was checked in and receipt given, no charges.
    At no time was I informed that I was to be charged an excess for damages to the Ford Focus – that had nothing to do with me.

    On the morning of Sunday 15th January I telephoned my mother (91 years old) to tell her that we had returned safely to our home in Spain.
    She informed me that she had a letter addressed to me from Europcar, although my address in Spain is on the Europcar rental agreement.
    Being 91 years old and with poor hearing and sight she managed to tell me the basic details in the letter. I am to be charged an excess for the damage to the Ford Focus – due to the incompetence of their staff, in not checking the car after the previous renter.

    “Copy of Letter attached”

    This incident is costing me time, stress and cost of phone calls.

    Eric Taylor

  10. Petyo says:

    Book a car from CARHIRE3000. When arrived at the airport been told that have to pay fee to having a winter tyres!!!Carhire 3000 are been infomed about this,but fail to let me know,so at the end been forced to pay 36 euro for nothing.No one else at the airport charge that fee.Car was in very poor condition.Covered with snow lot of scraches,huge dent at front bonnet,stainy seats,very noisy belt.Terrble!!No choice of vehicles,so if you not happy will simply lose your money.

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