Complaints about Carhire 3000 and TravelJigsaw Group go Way Back

As part of my ever ending service to you guys STOOPID enough ;-) to want to hire a car from CarHire3000 I am forming a depository of all things CarHire3000 related, be this bad or just plain awful.

It seems that TravelJigsaw Group have a lot of complaints, and some of these are to be fair trivial and some not so trivial. Now call me a cynic, I know you want to, but hiring someone a Golf then giving them a Fabia reminds me of the old Bait and Switch tricks practised up and down the land by Car Hire Companies of all descriptions. Promise one car deliver another, I have been asked to point out by the CarHire 3000 Solicitors, that this is clearly in their Terms and Conditions.

Promise one thing, deliver another, in any other walk of life this would be criminal yet CarHire3000 seem to do it often, but because its in their terms and conditions that makes it fine! In the interest of fair play other Car Hire companies do the same thing, the interesting fact is that in most other cases the car switched is BETTER than the car paid for, seems CarHire 3000 have not read the vehicle rental handbook.

So yet another tale of woe in regards to the infamous TravelJigsaw Group and related companies, take a look at the full list of companies all inter-related and therefore all run to the same, in my opinion, shoddy standards.

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4 Responses to Complaints about Carhire 3000 and TravelJigsaw Group go Way Back

  1. ammar says:

    I have a case with carhire3000 that is pending for over a year where they did not refund my money for a car i reserved but never delivered due to their incompetence. How can file a legal action against them or file a complain to uk authority or better business bureau like agency?
    Any body knows! Please help

    • gorilladaze says:

      Depending which company you used in the TravelJigsaw Group depends on who and what you can do. In the UK the Travel Jigsaw Group trades as CarHire 3000 and act as a third party in the transaction, basically they take your money and then pay the car hire companies direct on your behalf, after searching the market for the cheapest car hire. It doesnt matter what the car hire company say carhire 3000 are legally liable. If you paid via credit card then I would suggest that you contact your card provider and dispute the entire transaction on the grounds of breach of contract. Your credit card company should refund you your money, hope this helps. Your case is obviously a warning to others not to do business with travel jigsaw groups or any of its dependant companies

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  3. eric webster says:

    I am a resident of Malta, recently I hired a car in the U.K. East Midlands Airport (September 13 – 24) from Alamo, through carhire 3000.
    I had ordered a Volkswagon Passat Station Wagon diesel powered, (or similar as they thoughtfully noted, maybe my english is not as good as I thought it was but my thoughts are, similar meaning SAME ) the reason being a very ample boot size (website specifications 1731 litres ) for the reason of doing a U.K. ‘shopping spree’ ( 5 persons with baggage requirements for same) on picking up the vehicle it turned out to be a Vauxhall Insignia petrol powered, boot size web specifications 520 litres, yes a full 2/3 + size smaller. The Alamo representative although sympathetic had no solution to the ‘problem’ therefore I reluctantly accepted the vehicle.

    On returning to the airport with the ‘shopping spree’ baggage it was found to be impossible to fit it in.
    Fortunately a relative got us out of a very difficult situation and came to the airport with us to transport some of the baggage in his vehicle for which I gratefully gave him £40.00.

    On arriving at the airport the same Alamo representative, once again being sympathetic to my complaint once again had no solution and advised me to contact ‘carhire 3000′ on my return to Malta.

    After contacting ‘carhire 3000′ by numerous telephone calls and and emails they simply would not hear of any recompense.

    The bottom line here is, carhire 3000, beware

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