CARHIRE3000 – Thinking of Hiring a Car from them? Think Again!

Sometimes it is easy to think you are the only one having a problem and that it is relatively new for you to have a problem with a car hire firm. Especially CARHIRE3000 yet I was searching for others who have had a problem with them and found this video.
It is basic, but more powerful for that, another dissatisfied customer of travel jigsaw trading as carhire3000 and this time they use Dollar to get more Dollar ;-)

Take Heed

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2 Responses to CARHIRE3000 – Thinking of Hiring a Car from them? Think Again!

  1. Vanessa says:

    I agree. i have hired from Carhire3000 and traveljigsaw for 3 years numerous times (min 5 times per year for min 3 week period) and this year, for the same booking, they decided to charge a one-way drop off fee. When I queried this, I was made to feel like an idiot as they told me I had received this same fee every year and did not realise it. When I asked to speak to a manager, i was told by the management INGR (his name) that there was nothing they could do. I had researched on their site for a less expensive option than they were quoting for the EXACT same car and period and asked why this was not offered and INGR told me “it was a mistake” and they needed to ‘train’ their staff. Why do customers need to do their work and why do they feel ripped off??? they were rude, I had no choice but to deal with them as they had my deposit which apparently is non refundable, despite their numerous and acknowledged errors.

    Advice: pay the extra and go elsewhere!

  2. Gurvinder says:

    Had a bad experience with TRAVEL JIGSAW

    This is a case with travel jigsaw/carhire3000 where we hired a car from 16th-27th dec’11 but the deposit of 1000 euro has not been returned, details here under:- We were away from Singapore from 22nd Nov’11 to 1st Jan’12 (Attached tickets to substantiate that) for a family holiday to Europe. We went to London first and then to France. We rented a car for our time in France from 16th Dec’11 to 27th Dec’11. The car was rented from rentalcars and the payment was handled by travel jigsaw

    All the documents of the car plus the debit and credit receipts issued by them are available.I have all the emails to and fro from the companies involved.

    When we collected the car at Gare du Nord Station in France we were asked to deposit euro 1000,(which was never highlighted while booking the car, so came as a surprise). We were travelling with my old parents in law and two small kids, on a rainy morning we couldn’t think of much hence we gave in to their explanation. They explained that it is fully refundable on the day of car return etc hence we used our Debit card ( the details you will see below). On the 27th Dec when I returned, they told me that they will check the car and then do the refund once they confirm that all is in working order I wasn’t comfortable so I insisted that the staff inspects the car in my presence. Finally after having the car inspected they have given a credit slip, adding, that my money will be paid back into my debit card on the very day. It’s been almost two weeks, I have mailed them number of times and no one is helping me on the same. I received mails from then saying that they are looking on the matter and one of the recent mails mentions that it will take 28 days working days on the same and when I asked them over a mail what is the date they have taken into a account no one gives a transparent answer. They are not replying on the same and keep on passing my case to different agents. Each time there is a new person responding saying that the matter is being looked into.
    Sadly after looking at the company review on blogs i am worried the company does not seem to have a good reputation and I can safely second that thought. They have been so unprofessional that in my opinion the company should be blacklisted. The tourists are in for a horrendous experience on their holiday. I have not mentioned the small not so significant things that the company does(unpleasant rude staff, no orientation of the car, windscreen liquid empty have to refill on own expense). Over this unreasonable hold of my money I feel they don’t need a mention. Needless to say I will warn all my friends and family never to hire from them. After providing all documents ,constant calls (from 27th-30th Dec while I was still in London) and consistent follow up on mails no one is been able to come up with a logical case as to why the deposit is on hold. Needless to say it’s not a small sum and the inconvenience it has caused for not being available for use is not being compensated either.

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