CarHire3000 – Beware USA Drivers you cannot USE THEM – They will take your money though!

Well, just when I thought I was out of this CarHire3000 fiasco it just keeps pulling me back in! (godfather moment there couldn’t help it!)

Due to the increasing popularity of Travel Jigsaw Review, the website that lets you tell the truth behind the TravelJigsaw Group and their terrible customer service, it seems I am getting a lot of search engine traffic.

And I am noticing a trend, if you are from the USA and you order a car through carhire3000 for use in the USA then you cannot hire that car! Not that you would want to trust me on that! But that is not the point CarHire3000 will gladly let you hire the car and pay for it on their website but the voucher they supply is just not valid. Thats right you can order a car hire service form travel jigsaw from within the United States but you can’t actually get the car. THEN……. and this is the thing that just adds insult to injury, CARHIRE3000 keep your deposit because you did not cancel within 3 days of the hire day!!

Now I have to say that I am not American and I have no intention of hiring a car through this shower of idiots again, however USA visitors to this site have on numerous occasions said that they get to the hire counter and are told if you are an American driving license holder you cannot take advantage of the car hire you may have got from the travel jigsaw car hire website.

I have heard of adhering to your terms and conditions, but there has to be something to be said for simply not allowing anyone from the USA to book USA car hire and therefore negate this problem at source.

Now a cynic would of course say that customers should read the terms and conditions and they should be aware they cannot order car hire within the USA and thats that. However a man of a more cunning mind may think that it would provide a nice income stream for a company if they could get people to buy things you cannot provide and then allow in your terms and conditions for you not giving them their money back.

sound familiar? it all just leaves a nasty taste in my mouth this companies business practices. How can they get away with being and displaying such contempt for Fair Play if nothing else?

Anyone else had problems with Travel Jigsaw Group and CarHire3000 leave your comments here, of course if you have had a good experience we would love to hear from you, hopefully without any Manchester based IP addresses ;-) . Thats Manchester UK the home of CarHire3000 and Travel Jigsaw Group.

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4 Responses to CarHire3000 – Beware USA Drivers you cannot USE THEM – They will take your money though!

  1. MARKS says:

    I have used them before in Spain and had a positive experience then several years ago! BUT I was going to use them more recently and I am astonished in how they operate. For example you CAN supposedly hire a car ‘cheaply’. I was going to book a car with them for 3 days for about £70-80. Not bad I thought!!!! Then I had a very nasty shock and realisation suddenly hit me which could potentially hit my wallet. A cheap hire suddenly can turn into a VERY EXPENSIVE experience if you are unlucky enough to have an accident/damage the car. After ready the very small print they can if they want charge you A LOT OF MONEY for example:- INSURANCE £550-650 IF in the unfortunate event anything happens to the car and its damaged in your possession. Not to mention the £250 deposit that you may or may not get back depending on if they think you have done any damage to their car. Add to this lots and lots of surcharges – out of hours fees -one way fee-delivery/collection fees, not to mention fuel charges. Suddenly a cheap hire can become a extremely expensive one for the cheapest little car they have which is a Ford Ka or similar. My advise GO ELSE WHERE AND SMILE THAT YOU DIDN’T USE THESE JOKERS!!!!! Why would any one want to hire from them? I’d be to scared to get in the dame thing!!

  2. mike richards says:

    I have used Car hire 3000 on many occasions in Florida, Carolina and Spain. Each time I have had a smooth deal with them and the vehicle was waiting for me at the requested collection point. My only issue was when I booked for Spain I had phone calls from Car Hire 300 nearer the booking date advising that extra insurance was needed. I said this had never been requested before and was told in USA hires the extra cover is included but in Europe it isn’t. All in all no problems and I will use them again …but I will check the small print with more care.

  3. Dillops says:

    I’ve used carhire3000 a few times for trips in the UK (I’m a UK citizen living in the USA) and it’s been a very straightforward and cheap way of doing things.

    The issue relating to USA and Canadian licence holders is out of order though. At the very least their site should make this clear at the beginning of the booking process. There’s no excuse for not.

    I don’t know what the reply above is on about though. Stuff like one-way fees and insurance excess fees are pretty standard, and what car rental comes with a free fuel??! pfft

  4. Erika Londono says:

    I really wish we had read this & ALL other reviews & complaints about this company prior to making the biggest mistakes of our lives & renting a car through this company. Unfortunately that fine print that states that USA & Canada licenses can not be used in the same country that we LIVE IN is absurd & we sure as hell did not see this until AFTER we processed the whole transaction.
    I’ve had several emails with their customer service & all I keep getting is either a copy of our rental voucher, which of course was never valid to begin with or a copy of their terms & conditions. After being denied a rental car & being told by the car rental company employee himself that he requested the cancellation & we should follow up, we are still being told we can not get a refund.
    I sincerely believe this company has made a huge mistake & has enjoyed taking US for a for a ride & keeping our hard earned money. I believe that since this web company is based in the UK & mostly for european drivers, then it shouldn’t allow anyone from the USA, its territories or Canada to even be able to attempt to rent a car through them or even quote a rental. It’s ridiculous we are now out of our money & even more so that we were denied a rental in one of the busiest airports in the USA, John F Kennedy International Airport & were left out in frigid temps with our 4 yr old & 4 mth old daughter. Travel Jigsaw or whatever their name is should be ashamed of themselves.

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