Owed Money by TravelJigsaw? Abandon hope all ye etc etc

For those following this sorry tale of corporate ignorance, will surely remember Ms P. She puts herself about as the customer service manager of TravelJigsaw Group and goes forth defending their sullied name.

Well I got contacted by this keeper of the carhire3000 character and got a rather interesting email promising some actual customer service. I of course responded within minutes, some 3 emails later I got a response, not what I was hoping for though, more customer dis-service.

I got told by a Ms Robinson(?) I forgot her name I was so excited to speak to someone. Who promised me a payment but it has not come yet. Seems to be a pattern emerging of TravelJigsaw Not Refunding Money Owed.

I have now emailed the elusive Ms P another 2 times, still no response, I have no idea why she doesn’t respond to my emails. I can only presume she is treating me with the contempt that TravelJigsaw deserve. It seems a common practice to promise repayments of money and then not actually repay the money, or at least there is more than one complaint regarding money owed by TravelJogsaw Group and not being repaid. Just to clarify since writing this, the money was refunded but to the wrong bank account.

Of course I would recommend any Car Hire company other than CarHire3000, after all just take a look around they treat customers like dirt! Just search CarHire3000 Complaints. The results speak for themselves!

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One Response to Owed Money by TravelJigsaw? Abandon hope all ye etc etc

  1. Rachel says:

    Just before heading off for our annual vacation , i used travel jigsaw to hire a car for 3 weeks , when i got to the payment page and accepted the webs site said the transaction was unsuccesful and that the booking was not confirmed . I later recieved aan email stating that there was no payment made for the vehicle.
    So i decided to use a different car company which was cheaper and more reliable . Three weeks later i recieved my online statement that carhire 3000 had taken 480GBP from my account and this was taken out two weeks after i had applied for the car ???????????? Im sorry but if the payment was unsuccesful , they should never of kept trying to take the money out of my account without my authorisation , i had to call and tell them what happened they would not give me a full refund , i had to write to there head office , which in return i still did not get a full refund , proceeding this i will take leagal action as this could happen to many trusting people.
    I really cant believe tis company ?? i never complain but this really pissed me off ?

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