Ms P the Non Customer Service Manager!

So I did a car hire 3000 review at the review centre. It of course was immediately buried by “good” reviews. Suspicious but I dont have access to the IP records maybe Review Centre should look at their IP records for these positive reviews? I may write to them and ask, but thats another story.

After about 48 hours I got contacted by review centre with the following email :

“Thanks for your contribution to Review Centre.
We have been contacted by the people from Car Hire 3000 about you review.
They are obviously unhappy that you feel that their service was not up to scratch and would like the opportunity to try and rectify the situation.
If you feel that you would like to contact them please send a email to at
You have no obligation to do this, we are just trying to help a company that is showing willing to improve their customer services. “

I thought brilliant someone at Travel Jigsaw who will take my complaint seriously, will deal efficiently with the this and just give me my money back!

Ms P who are you? Because after 48 hours of patience you have not even acknowledged my emails! I would have thought that requesting someone to email you, the least you could do is reply. I have sent Ms P another email with a link to this article wonder if she will respond?

If you are having trouble with Car Hire 3000 part of the Travel Jigsaw group maybe you should contact Ms P the email address is there again maybe not…….. she doesn’t answer her emails.

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