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OMG Carhire3000 have a new name – Drum Roll Please for

OMG I feel like I have been asleep at the wheel and whilst nodding off the boffins at Carhire3000 hae finally realised that they needed a better domain name propably so they can rank better in the search engines like … Continue reading

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carhire3000 or Travel Jigsaw its all the same, bad experience after bad experience

Seriously this little website has been inundated with bad customer experience after bad customer experience at the hands of these jokers. What a bunch of amateurs, they really operate on the margins of decency and when hard working people who … Continue reading

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CarHire3000 by TravelJigsaw Group Tales of Woe, just keep coming!

Well I genuinely did not think this little webpage on Carhire3000, a car hire company owned by the TravelJigsaw Group would cause such a furore or attract the contributions that I am getting. All contributions are completely genuine I know … Continue reading

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CARHIRE3000 – Thinking of Hiring a Car from them? Think Again!

Sometimes it is easy to think you are the only one having a problem and that it is relatively new for you to have a problem with a car hire firm. Especially CARHIRE3000 yet I was searching for others who … Continue reading

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CarHire3000 – Beware USA Drivers you cannot USE THEM – They will take your money though!

Well, just when I thought I was out of this CarHire3000 fiasco it just keeps pulling me back in! (godfather moment there couldn’t help it!) Due to the increasing popularity of Travel Jigsaw Review, the website that lets you tell … Continue reading

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Google Loves Travel Jigsaw Review – Steaming up the Rankings

Well my little site seems to be really steaming up the rankings and I am getting a lot of visitors! It is really helping spread the word about the TravelJigsaw Group in particular the really poor customer service that CarHire3000, … Continue reading

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We are still here despite Threats of Legal Action

I cannot publish the letter sent to me by the solicitors acting on behalf of the ruthlessly efficient Travel Jigsaw Group, who run and operate Car Hire 3000. As you can no doubt tell they did not supply me with … Continue reading

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Travel Jigsaw Group threaten Legal Action! Its a Revolution!

I was walking up my drive on Easter Saturday when I was approached by a man looking to deliver a letter to my house. It was a courier delivering a 10 page missive regarding my little website. It appears that … Continue reading

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Complaints about Carhire 3000 and TravelJigsaw Group go Way Back

As part of my ever ending service to you guys STOOPID enough to want to hire a car from CarHire3000 I am forming a depository of all things CarHire3000 related, be this bad or just plain awful. It seems that … Continue reading

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Owed Money by TravelJigsaw? Abandon hope all ye etc etc

For those following this sorry tale of corporate ignorance, will surely remember Ms P. She puts herself about as the customer service manager of TravelJigsaw Group and goes forth defending their sullied name. Well I got contacted by this keeper … Continue reading

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