OMG Carhire3000 have a new name – Drum Roll Please for

OMG I feel like I have been asleep at the wheel and whilst nodding off the boffins at Carhire3000 hae finally realised that they needed a better domain name propably so they can rank better in the search engines like Google, and then get even more money off unsuspecting customers, or prospects as they are known in the trade.

Well their shiny new name is! Its an amazing NEW NAME for carhire3000. So when you are looking to avoid a car rental company and looking to avoid one that could possibly cause you problems then may I suggest that you avoid

Maybe you are looking for a review into well I would suggest that you can count the reviews here on travel jigsaw review as being relevant as its the same company, you maybe able to change your name but as they say a leopard doesnt change its spots. call it what you want its the same team at as it is at carhire3000 the same poor team, who dont care about customer service, they dont care about customer retention, they dont care about you the customer.

So the shiny spanky new name for carhire3000, avoid, avoid, avoid.

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carhire3000 or Travel Jigsaw its all the same, bad experience after bad experience

Seriously this little website has been inundated with bad customer experience after bad customer experience at the hands of these jokers. What a bunch of amateurs, they really operate on the margins of decency and when hard working people who pay good money have a legitimate complaint they are just not interested.

I mean this HUGE SECURITY deposit business. If you pay for insurance that covers you for every eventuality through carhire3000 then why do you have to pay such a HUGE security deposit to Thrifty? or one of their other “car hire partners”? It beggars belief that you have to hand over £1000 to a car hire company PRIOR to being able to drive the car away. THEN if there is the need to claim the money back you are left with having to chase the hinge and bracket operation that is Carhire3000. Please Please Please for the love of all that is holy and your own money DO NOT HIRE A CAR FROM CARHIRE3000 they seriously are just not worth dealing with.

You may feel that you are getting cheap car hire through carhire3000 but you will pay for it in the long term. I wish I hadn’t and you can see how strongly I feel about it, I run this website for free, as a LIGHTHOUSE in the sea of Carhire3000 empty promises. Trying to steer the good people of this country away from this company. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! or in the words of the famous Monty Python – Run Away! Run Away!

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CarHire3000 by TravelJigsaw Group Tales of Woe, just keep coming!

Well I genuinely did not think this little webpage on Carhire3000, a car hire company owned by the TravelJigsaw Group would cause such a furore or attract the contributions that I am getting. All contributions are completely genuine I know Carhire3000 wanted to stifle my right to free speech and insinuated that I “make up” some of the comments on this travel jigsaw blog but believe me when I say I don’t.

I don’t think I have the imagination for one thing coming up with varied and new ways to, and there is no polite way of saying this, piss off customers one after another and then it seems treat them with the same contempt that my complaint got dealt with. Ignoring customer when they email, being really tardy with payments owed, arguing over the payments owed, not renting cars. Customers arriving at airports and finding no cars available for them, due to the “wrong” type of credit card! WTF sorry but if I have paid someone, then, as was my case, a £1000 deposit is required to get the car, then being told they only accept debit cards!! meaning a £1000 cash deposit, is a joke, except no-one is laughing. Don’t think your experience is going to be different because its not!

My advice has not changed in all the time I have been dealing with these set of amateurs DONT DO IT. Do not hire a car from CarHire3000, if you have just paid for a car hire from them then cancel the car now and go somewhere else. I am not recommending any other car hire company, JUST ANY OTHER CAR HIRE COMPANY would be better than these set of idiots. Can you get sued for calling a non living entity like Travel Jigsaw Group an Idiot? I dont think so, but hey CARHIRE3000 why not take me to court for that?

Avoid CarHire3000 in all its guises! The TravelJigsaw empire stretches far and wide paved with broken promises and unsatisfied customers…….don’t do it……;-)

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CARHIRE3000 – Thinking of Hiring a Car from them? Think Again!

Sometimes it is easy to think you are the only one having a problem and that it is relatively new for you to have a problem with a car hire firm. Especially CARHIRE3000 yet I was searching for others who have had a problem with them and found this video.
It is basic, but more powerful for that, another dissatisfied customer of travel jigsaw trading as carhire3000 and this time they use Dollar to get more Dollar ;-)

Take Heed

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CarHire3000 – Beware USA Drivers you cannot USE THEM – They will take your money though!

Well, just when I thought I was out of this CarHire3000 fiasco it just keeps pulling me back in! (godfather moment there couldn’t help it!)

Due to the increasing popularity of Travel Jigsaw Review, the website that lets you tell the truth behind the TravelJigsaw Group and their terrible customer service, it seems I am getting a lot of search engine traffic.

And I am noticing a trend, if you are from the USA and you order a car through carhire3000 for use in the USA then you cannot hire that car! Not that you would want to trust me on that! But that is not the point CarHire3000 will gladly let you hire the car and pay for it on their website but the voucher they supply is just not valid. Thats right you can order a car hire service form travel jigsaw from within the United States but you can’t actually get the car. THEN……. and this is the thing that just adds insult to injury, CARHIRE3000 keep your deposit because you did not cancel within 3 days of the hire day!!

Now I have to say that I am not American and I have no intention of hiring a car through this shower of idiots again, however USA visitors to this site have on numerous occasions said that they get to the hire counter and are told if you are an American driving license holder you cannot take advantage of the car hire you may have got from the travel jigsaw car hire website.

I have heard of adhering to your terms and conditions, but there has to be something to be said for simply not allowing anyone from the USA to book USA car hire and therefore negate this problem at source.

Now a cynic would of course say that customers should read the terms and conditions and they should be aware they cannot order car hire within the USA and thats that. However a man of a more cunning mind may think that it would provide a nice income stream for a company if they could get people to buy things you cannot provide and then allow in your terms and conditions for you not giving them their money back.

sound familiar? it all just leaves a nasty taste in my mouth this companies business practices. How can they get away with being and displaying such contempt for Fair Play if nothing else?

Anyone else had problems with Travel Jigsaw Group and CarHire3000 leave your comments here, of course if you have had a good experience we would love to hear from you, hopefully without any Manchester based IP addresses ;-) . Thats Manchester UK the home of CarHire3000 and Travel Jigsaw Group.

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Google Loves Travel Jigsaw Review – Steaming up the Rankings

Well my little site seems to be really steaming up the rankings and I am getting a lot of visitors!

It is really helping spread the word about the TravelJigsaw Group in particular the really poor customer service that CarHire3000, the trading style of travel jigsaw in the uk. I have seen an increase in the tales of woe attributed to this company. Its a real shame that a company can treat their customers this way!

When hiring a car it is always best to try and get reviews about their service, you can do this by using google or another search engine. Ask friends and family if they recommend a car hire company.

I did not do any research I just looked for the cheapest car hire company online and then decided I would use them, based purely on price. However I ended up paying much more through time and inconvenience. In addition I also got treated with, in my opinion, complete disdain and disrespect by carhire 3000 staff.

You can help spread the word! Link back to my little blog and help spread the facts about this company, lets try and stop anyone else becoming a victim. Thanks.

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We are still here despite Threats of Legal Action

I cannot publish the letter sent to me by the solicitors acting on behalf of the ruthlessly efficient Travel Jigsaw Group, who run and operate Car Hire 3000.

As you can no doubt tell they did not supply me with the most perfect of Car Hire experiences, indeed to be honest and I must STRESS this is MY OPINION, (just for legal eagles checking this) They supplied me with the most inept and rubbish service followed by the most DIRE customer service I have ever been the victim of. They certainly did not go out of their way to make my experience one that I would repeat. In fact if I was asked to recommend a Car Hire company I would certainly not recommend using carhire3000 or Travel Jigsaw!

But don’t take my word for it if you really want to take a more independent, one that is not so tainted with the bad experience at the hands of Car Hire 3000 then just take a look around the world wide web!

For a really bad experience then you could read about them not supplying the right car, or not even having a car.

This Car Hire Watchdog website has a load of not very flattering reviews. All bemoaning the terrible car hire service offered by CarHire3000. I wonder if they have been approached by the anonymous Ms P, or even the really hard nosed legal eagles determined to undermine the medium of free speech!

I will of course keep you, my dear reader informed of any new and exciting Complaints about Travel Jigsaw Group just as soon as I come across them…….its only a matter of time.

Till the next time don’t hire a car from CarHire 3000, you will regret it!

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Travel Jigsaw Group threaten Legal Action! Its a Revolution!

I was walking up my drive on Easter Saturday when I was approached by a man looking to deliver a letter to my house. It was a courier delivering a 10 page missive regarding my little website. It appears that Travel Jigsaw Group do not like complaints regarding their company being publicised. They are carrying out a Revolution!, they truly are Revolting! (its an old pun, but oldies are goodies)

I would love to show you this massive missive but alas I cannot it states on the front page that it is not for publication. It doesn’t state on every page that it is not for publication though so I presume that I could publish those pages which are not clearly marked not for publication? hmmm I will think about this.

Anyways the long and the short of it is that Travel Jigsaw are not happy about my comments on their service, the website existing and the fact I mention employees names. I have taken down any mention of Ms P, after all its not her fault she was not very good at her job and publicising her failings is not very nice. I have also clearly set out other things which upon reflection may have given a wrong impression. In relation to the payments that eventually did come forth from CarHire 3000, THEY DID PAY ME, BUT they paid into the wrong bank account! So till the end incompetent, but I thought I should make that clear, as their enforcers thought this was bad. Apparently I am defaming Travel Jigsaw but my honestly held believes are that you should not hire a car from Travel Jigsaw or any of their subsidiary companies. I may be colourful in my language but to get things across to people you do need to use colloquialisms. I just want to make it clear that Travel Jigsaw operate behind a vast raft of Terms and Conditions and that you can read these prior to hiring a car from them. A wise person wouldn’t hire a car off Travel Jigsaw but if you are going to, read the Terms and Conditions.

Hmmm I am sure there was something else, the letter was so big and threatening its kinda put me off, oh thats it Travel Jigsaw would like me to point out that I AM IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED with them. I would have thought this was obvious to anyone reading this who had the mental capacity to read, but apparently their solicitors and their senior executives fail this test!

I am now awaiting a decision from my hosting company I may be forced to move home because they are going after them too now……. Travel Jigsaw Group you should be ashamed…… bully boy tactics will not work with me.

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Complaints about Carhire 3000 and TravelJigsaw Group go Way Back

As part of my ever ending service to you guys STOOPID enough ;-) to want to hire a car from CarHire3000 I am forming a depository of all things CarHire3000 related, be this bad or just plain awful.

It seems that TravelJigsaw Group have a lot of complaints, and some of these are to be fair trivial and some not so trivial. Now call me a cynic, I know you want to, but hiring someone a Golf then giving them a Fabia reminds me of the old Bait and Switch tricks practised up and down the land by Car Hire Companies of all descriptions. Promise one car deliver another, I have been asked to point out by the CarHire 3000 Solicitors, that this is clearly in their Terms and Conditions.

Promise one thing, deliver another, in any other walk of life this would be criminal yet CarHire3000 seem to do it often, but because its in their terms and conditions that makes it fine! In the interest of fair play other Car Hire companies do the same thing, the interesting fact is that in most other cases the car switched is BETTER than the car paid for, seems CarHire 3000 have not read the vehicle rental handbook.

So yet another tale of woe in regards to the infamous TravelJigsaw Group and related companies, take a look at the full list of companies all inter-related and therefore all run to the same, in my opinion, shoddy standards.

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Owed Money by TravelJigsaw? Abandon hope all ye etc etc

For those following this sorry tale of corporate ignorance, will surely remember Ms P. She puts herself about as the customer service manager of TravelJigsaw Group and goes forth defending their sullied name.

Well I got contacted by this keeper of the carhire3000 character and got a rather interesting email promising some actual customer service. I of course responded within minutes, some 3 emails later I got a response, not what I was hoping for though, more customer dis-service.

I got told by a Ms Robinson(?) I forgot her name I was so excited to speak to someone. Who promised me a payment but it has not come yet. Seems to be a pattern emerging of TravelJigsaw Not Refunding Money Owed.

I have now emailed the elusive Ms P another 2 times, still no response, I have no idea why she doesn’t respond to my emails. I can only presume she is treating me with the contempt that TravelJigsaw deserve. It seems a common practice to promise repayments of money and then not actually repay the money, or at least there is more than one complaint regarding money owed by TravelJogsaw Group and not being repaid. Just to clarify since writing this, the money was refunded but to the wrong bank account.

Of course I would recommend any Car Hire company other than CarHire3000, after all just take a look around they treat customers like dirt! Just search CarHire3000 Complaints. The results speak for themselves!

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